Our workshops bring together a wide range of researchers, technical specialists, librarians, archivists and users of heritage materials to explore the potential of IIIF to enable new forms of engagement with heritage collections of many different types. They:

  • build on acknowledged leadership in development and promotion of IIIF in both the United Kingdom and Ireland.
  • demonstrate the many different ways in which IIIF supports innovative analysis and commentary on the various types of source material used by arts and humanities researchers.
  • document user cases where the facilities offered by IIIF are valuable in addressing particular research questions.

By exploring new ways in which IIIF can support and represent research, the work of the network will have a profound impact on public engagement with cultural heritage. In particular, it is hoped that these workshops and this network may foster the development of larger-scale projects which make use of IIIF, including it is hoped projects suitable for funding in future UK-Ireland joint funding calls.

In total the network held five events: